Stand, Walk, then Jump!

Toddler Birthdays using Inflatable Jumpers

If the Corona Virus, Covid19 has your family feeling trapped, short-tempered, or discontent you may want to do something new and exciting for your toddler. We will all feel like celebrating when this pandemic is over, even our children, but you may not want to wait that long. Most toddlers are happiest when they can move. They love to jump and squeal with pleasure, especially when no one is telling them that they cannot. Create a special day, rather it is a birthday surprise or a family celebration, that will set your families bored spirits free and create excitement with a toddler bounce house. There are many different kinds to choose from for party rentals, and none of them will disappoint you or your child.

Inflatable Bouncers With Slides
These bouncers are the perfect size for toddlers. They can come with different shapes and styles and their bright colors and huge size alone can put complete awe in the eyes of your toddler. Some have long slides that have easy access and that land into the cushy softness inside the jumping structure. Most have a short slide that the toddler will enjoy using as an exit just to climb back in. They can jump, slide, dance, and bounce on the larger jumpers with enough room for friends, or one that is the perfect size for just one child.

Themed Inflatables
If your toddler has a special love in their life already you may be delighted to find that there are many different themes available in inflatables. The fire-station bouncy houses are very popular. Your little king or princess may like a bouncy castle complete with towers. There are dinosaurs, crayons, semi-trucks, castles, and many different inflatables meant especially for toddlers. Many of the toddler-sized inflatables can be set up in a large room inside the house or a basement or garage so that the theme can be enlarged during a party or to allow for play during inclement weather.

A Look At What To Expect With Rentals
You can research different businesses in your area to get a general impression of the things rental companies may offer. Some companies say that if you will mark your yard where you want the inflatable set up, they will come out and set it up without ever needing to have personal contact with you. This is a precaution for your family and their employees caused by the Corona Virus.

Things To Watch For When You Rent An Inflatable
Always note the size of the party rentals that may catch your interest. Some of them are very large. Most toddler bounce houses are 20ft. in width and 25ft in Length. Some of them will include a Height of 16 ft. Make sure that you will be able to use your receptacle to plug the fan up with. Most of them require only one 15 amp outlet. When you are renting for toddlers, visibility will be important. Some of them will say that they have a viewing window, or that they provide safety viewing built into their structure, and they may say that there are no blind spots. If you decide on an inflatable that uses water, you will need to be able to reach from your water source to the inflatable with your hose.

About Inflatable Jumpers
Most bounce houses are made with nylon or nylon and PVC together to increase their strength and life span and to provide softness. The insides may have slides, pop-ups, obstacles, or a climbing area. At the bottom of the slide, there should be a protective space with at least a little height to prevent children from bouncing out of the structure when landing. There will be a weight limit on most toddler-friendly inflatables of 300lbs. Though they are made with toddlers in mind, most of them will safely thrill and entertain children as old as five or six years of age for hours at a time.
Find the perfect bouncy castle to allow yourself and your family an emotional break from this Corona-induced stress as you rest and watch your toddler get more exercise than they may have gotten in weeks.